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AUD/USD maintains above 0.6400, but the potential for upward movement appears restricted due to the strength of the bullish USD.


1.The AUD/USD currency pair manages to stay above 0.6400, but its upside potential appears limited due to the bullish USD.


2.The US dollar remains strong, primarily due to the hawkish stance of the Federal Reserve, which constrains the gains for AUD/USD.


3.Concerns about the property crisis in China also dampen confidence among Australian dollar bulls.


4.During the Asian trading session, AUD/USD attracts some buying interest near 0.6400, but prices still remain within a familiar range observed over the past two weeks.


5.The US dollar takes a brief pause following its recent uptrend, providing some support to AUD/USD.


6.The Federal Reserve is committed to maintaining higher interest rates and is expected to raise rates by at least another 25 basis points by the end of the year, which is supportive for the US dollar.


7.Investors are increasingly worried about the potential inflationary impact of rising oil prices.


8.Strong macroeconomic data from the United States is driving up US Treasury bond yields, bolstering the US dollar.


9.Given the strong performance of the US dollar, any potential rebound in AUD/USD is likely to be limited.


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